Job Vacancy Core Developer Singapore December 2020 Perlin

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Title of Job : Job Vacancy Core Developer Singapore
Company Name : Perlin
Placement : Singapore
Date : 13 months ago ---> EXPIRED !
Expired : Yes

Job Vacancy Core Developer Singapore 2020 Perlin. Good Morning for friends who are looking for job. Hopefully not despair give to find a job that fit with dreams your needed. Indeed once in a while find a job that appropriate is laborious in this year. On this occasion, the admin will give info Job Vacancy Core Developer Singapore 2020 Perlin. Here information more detail about Job Vacancy Core Developer Singapore 2020 Perlin.

Job Vacancy Core Developer Singapore 2020 Perlin

Here is conditions job description that you must meet to applying Job Vacancy Core Developer Singapore 2020 Perlin which opened earlier of this month:

Perlin Overview

Perlin has brought together new research from distributed systems, cryptography and database consensus to introduce an open, permissionless decentralized ledger benchmarked to yield 31k+ transaction/second. The ledger supports WebAssembly-driven smart contracts, a plugin system to extend ledger functionality, and supports running computationally heavy code in a decentralized, scalable manner.

In our mission of bringing the benefits of decentralization to software developers and businesses, we love and encourage open-source development.

You have the opportunity to be paid for working on technically challenging projects and to have your work open-sourced to the masses.

By working with us, you will:

  • Get to travel to various developer/blockchain conferences with the team.
  • Get to enjoy corporate retreats with the team and other companies in various countries.
  • Get to work either in one of our offices in New York/San Francisco/Hong Kong or otherwise work entirely remotely.
  • Be funded to develop and release technically-challenging open-source projects and libraries.
  • Get to broaden your experience working with the entire tech. stack for a company.
  • Get to experiment with new technologies with complete freedom.

Job Overview

We are looking for passionate developers who like to solve complex engineering problems and work in talented teams to push the boundaries of computer science. The ideal candidate has a deep understanding of distributed systems, with an in-depth understanding of smart contracts, cryptography, crypto-economics and directed-acyclic-graphs.



Roles and Responsibilities

  • Researching and implementing methods to improve upon security and efficiency to the ledger.
  • Keep up to date on research on distributed ledger technology and distributed systems and assess the relevance to the network.
  • Aid in the development of smart contract functionality and create/test robust decentralized applications.
  • Creating documentation required for software libraries.
  • Willingness to travel as necessary.
  • Develop software and research for a cutting edge technology and Open Source project.
  • Design and develop reusable and reliable code using at least one of the following: Python / GO / C++ / Rust.
  • Partake in all aspects of the project’s lifecycle.
  • Research and solve complex engineering challenges.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (Computer Science) from a top tier internationally recognized institution.
  • Comfortable programming with Golang.
  • Prior experience working with building and designing networking protocols on a minimum of two of the specified distributed systems topologies (peer to peer, client-server, mesh network).
  • Prior experience working with systems containing Byzantine/potentially malicious clients (games, financial applications, etc ).
  • Intermediate level understanding of probabilistic/discrete data structures to engineer and work with embedded databases (RocksDB, LevelDB, etc ).
  • Intermediate level understanding of cryptography/discrete mathematics (pre-image resistance, hash collisions, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, RSA, cyclic finite groups, discrete logarithm dilemma, etc ).
  • Code portfolio and interview required.
  • Experienced with algorithms, and data structures time/space complexity analysis.


  • Experience with WebAssembly
  • Experience with Rust
  • Experience in AI/ML Model Development
  • Experience in building Blockchains and cryptocurrencies

How to Apply

Please email with your resume, github and any relevant code / examples you’d like to share.

Job Type: Full-time

Only registried that satisfies to qualifications above of that will be called upon to perform debriefing. For that, if you are interested and meet the applicants Job Vacancy Core Developer Singapore 2020 Perlin above, please submit your application before closing date.

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