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Title of Job : Job Vacancy DIVING MANAGER Jurong Island
Placement : Jurong Island
Date : 30+ days ago ---> OPEN !
Expired : No

Job Vacancy DIVING MANAGER Jurong Island 2021 MENCAST SUBSEA PTE. LTD.. Good Morning for loyal visitors who are looking for job. Hopefully not despair stop to find a job that suit with specialties your needed. Indeed sometimes find a job that convenient is tough in this year. On this occasion, the admin will give information Job Vacancy DIVING MANAGER Jurong Island 2021 MENCAST SUBSEA PTE. LTD.. Here news more detail about Job Vacancy DIVING MANAGER Jurong Island 2021 MENCAST SUBSEA PTE. LTD..


Here is requirements job description that you must meet to register Job Vacancy DIVING MANAGER Jurong Island 2021 MENCAST SUBSEA PTE. LTD. which opened end of this month:

  • Assist the Senior Manager in preparation/execution of operations to be carried.
  • Liaise / co-ordinate with client representative on-site.
  • Managed preparation, mobilization and diving works on site.
  • Ensuring proper documentation control, pre-dive checklist, surface dive sheet, toolbox talk form in accordance to IMCA/OGP standards.
  • Ensuring that work carried out according to schedule.
  • Problem solving on-site.
  • Ensure safe work practices and safety procedures are followed by divers/workers.
  • Identify, record and feedback quality / procedure problems.
  • Optimize the use of material and reduce wastage in the operations.
  • Endure proper reporting of safety violations, equipment malfunction and maintain correct levels of spares, consumables and work tools.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the equipment and machines used for operation to ensure that they are in good condition.
  • Must support, implement, enforce and be conversant with the QHSE policies and procedures.
  • Overall responsibility during his shift for all diving operational activities, including vessel movements during and preceding any diving and/or equipment movements on-board the vessel.
  • Liaising with client’s representative(s) as the Company offshore representative on-board the vessel.
  • Maintaining the Company quality assurance and control philosophy on all operation and diving activities in accordance with the relevant standards and specifications as required by the client’s representative(s) and procedural documentation.
  • Ensuring all operational/diving activities undertaken comply with the relevant legislative directives and are in accordance with the Company diving/operational manuals and safety memoranda.
  • Ensure that the implementation of the Company’s health and safety policy is undertaken by all the Company employees and/or the Company subcontractors on-board the work installation(s)/vessel.
  • Ensuring that safety meetings are convened and minute
  • Maintaining a close operational communication with the Project Manager and OCM.
  • Ensuring that the implementation, maintenance and documentation of a routine preventative maintenance (PMS) /certification program regarding the diving system and support equipment is performed in accordance with safe working practice and relevant legislation.
  • Ensure that any third party (DESIGN) audit is reviewed prior to the commencement of each Project
  • Action any corrective measures raised by audits and/or inspections carried out by QHSE Department pertaining to personnel, the work site and supporting equipment.
  • Present the work scope and procedures to the diving personnel for information and discussion.
  • Supervise any familiarization program necessary for the work.
  • Ensure that all personnel selected for the work are fully qualified, experienced and possess the relevant in-date certification.
  • Liaise with any sub-contractors involved in the project.
  • Check that the mobilization list is complete in all respects and that all necessary certification is available for all items of equipment that require them.
  • Obtain all necessary documentation for the work including, but not limited to :
  • Plant and equipment test certificates
  • Project bridging documents including any pre-agreed arrangements for emergency response.
  • Diving Operation Manuals
  • Letters of appointment for all supervisory and appropriate qualifications
  • Client/OIM Work Permit
  • All paperwork necessary for the running of the operation.

Throughout the project the Diving Superintendent shall:

  • Ensure that Company safety and operational procedures are adhered to and that statutory legislation is complied with.
  • Ensure that the work is performed in accordance with the contract terms.
  • Establish and maintain clear lines of communication with the Client and do his utmost to promote a professional and harmonious relationship.
  • Liaise with sub-contractors personnel.
  • Maintain full and detailed records throughout the project.
  • Maintain good discipline amongst the diving team and promote continuous on-site training amongst them.
  • Promote good morale of the team and ensure that all personnel matters are handled in a correct and efficient manner.
  • Closely monitor the progress of the work without abusing the authority of those performing it.
  • Refrain from any activity, which might affect his efficiency including the consumption of alcohol or drugs of any kind.
  • Continuously monitor and assess the performance of the personnel.
  • Not relieve the Diving Supervisor unless he himself holds a letter of appointment as a Diving Supervisor in which case he will formally sign-on in the dive logbook.
  • Ensure that safety meetings are held at not more than 14 days intervals and following any incident.
  • Other task as assigned by direct superior.
  • Supervise maintenance activities of company’s machines, equipment and diving workboats.
  • General maintenance of store and workshop premises.
  • Supervise all activities involving mobilization/demobilization of equipment from workshop.
  • Coordinate the test and commissioning of equipment with the client and authorities.
  • Receipt and inspection of purchased items from suppliers.
  • Coordinate with fabrication work by subcontractors, where necessary.
  • Maintain and update consumables inventory.
  • Modifications and upgrading of equipment to fit project requirements, where applicable.
  • Develop, implement and control Workshop procedures and work instructions to comply with quality management system.
  • Maintain proper records of Workshop activities in order to comply with quality management system.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned.
  • Oil Spill Team Leader.
  • Shall have undergone the proper training as approved by manufacturer before performing maintenance to any equipment.
  • Ensure all statutory equipment are inspected.
  • Perform proper maintenance to the equipment.
  • Ensure proper filing of equipment maintenance record.
  • Ensure proper housekeeping within the factory and report any unsafe condition or act to HSE Manager.
  • Appointed as a Facilities Supervisor / Dive Technician Category 2 (All Equipment) for the Diving Operations
  • Source for machineries and equipment’s for projects.
  • Raise purchase of material and products used by the site and workshop.
  • Maintain the store in proper condition.
  • Maintain all equipment’s and send for calibration if required.
  • Maintain all items store are in good condition and if required keep in proper environment
  • Source new suppliers to purchase new equipment’s.
  • Inventory check every 12 months.
  • Ensure that NC equipment and machinery problems are sent to proper repair personnel
  • Observe safety rules and regulation while carry out duties.
  • Handle diver feedback on NC equipment.
  • Issue replacement PPE, personal diving equipment & consumables.
  • To report to Operations Manager as the immediate H.O.D.
  • Appointed as a Dive Technician Category 2 (KMB) for the Diving Operations.
  • Adhere to Company’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental policies and procedures

After the project the Diving Manager shall:

  • Supervise and assist with the demobilization as required.
  • Ensure that any hired equipment is returned as soon as possible.
  • Ensure project de-brief meetings are held and all departments are consulted in order to prepare a final report.
  • Submit project de-brief report to the Project Manager.
  • Ensure that any comments or queries from a Client are attended to.
  • Provide feedback to onshore departments regarding personnel performance.
  • Even though the Diving Superintendent can delegate all or part of his authority to another person, this does not relieve him of his responsibility.
  • Adhere to Company’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental policies and procedures

Only participants that meet to qualifications above of that will be called upon to perform debriefing. For that, if you are interested and meet the job candidates Job Vacancy DIVING MANAGER Jurong Island 2021 MENCAST SUBSEA PTE. LTD. above, please submit your application before vacancies closed.

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